....."Come when you wanna".....


Debüt-Album, VÖ 1996, Mega/ WEA

1.I´m DAN   2.Come when u wanna 3.Bitch  4.Remember him  5.Closer to the edge    6.Starman  7.Hot water 8.Forward active motion   9.Love ain´t nothing to brag about   10.I want you to see   11.cure me away

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................" Cosmic "..............


2. Album, VÖ 1999, Goldrush/ BMG

1.Cosmic love  2.When I´m with you 3.Evil love  4.Driving far  5.Secrets 6.Twenty-four-hour affair 7.fallen angels  8.I like it       9.Vanished    10.  I turn the light on you   11. In my eyes 12.No speed limit  13.In the sky

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